18.129 - 18.131 Authentication and control of permits

Decision directed to:
Parties are encouraged to provide the Secretariat with information on their approaches and experiences in the authentication and control of CITES permits.
Decision directed to:
Subject to external funding, the Secretariat shall:
a) prepare, in consultation with interested Parties, an in-depth study on the current practices in CITES permit authentication and control, using a selection of Parties as case studies to demonstrate the state-of-play on how current trading practices and the use of technologies affect their CITES trade regulation process; and
b) identify possible gaps in relevant Resolutions that could be addressed to provide guidance to Parties, particularly from the point of view of adapting CITES permitting process to match the current range of trading practice.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider the report on authentication and control of CITES permits prepared by the Secretariat and make recommendations to the Conference of the Parties, as deemed necessary.