Guidelines for participants registered under the Visitor category

Updated on 12 January 2021
Visitors are most welcome to attend CITES CoP17. 
There are no participation charges for this category of participants and no registration deadline. 
However, those who choose to register for CoP17 as visitors:
- will not receive a letter of invitation;
- cannot speak in any CoP17 session (this does not include side events);
- will have no nameplate or designated space in the meeting, including committee meeting rooms;
- must sit in the designated visitor area, which will be on a first-come-first-served as capacity may be limited; and
- will not be included in the list of participants. 
Further, visitors cannot apply in the name of, or as a part of, any organisation or registered delegation. Visitors can only apply to attend in their personal capacity and their badge will give their name only and no affiliation of any kind.
(Please be informed that there is a category for participants who wish to register as Visitor on the online database at the following URL: /eng/cop/17/registration.php)