Guidelines for side-event organizers and booking of meeting rooms - CoP17


Johannesburg (South Africa), 24 September-05 October 2016

Guidelines for side-event organizers and booking of meeting rooms

  1. Any entity/participant interested in organizing a side-event must first be registered online. The venue is free of charge for organizers.
  2. The CITES Secretariat, as the body responsible for servicing the CoP17, will approve the side-events.
  3. Side-event organizers should access the online room booking tool found at and send their electronic requests via this service.
  4. Organizers are kindly encouraged to make efforts to coordinate events that address similar themes (please check the existing side-event titles on YAROOMS).
  5. Completed requests must be submitted before 10th August 2016. Side-events are normally open to all participants in the CoP17. In case of closed events (Invitation Only), please indicate it clearly on the form.
  6. In case changes need to be made to a side-event proposal, a new request must be submitted by e-mail. In such cases, only the most recent request will be considered.
  7. Side-event organizers are informed that audio-visual equipment is provided free of charge; any queries can be addressed at the Sandton Convention Center (SCC) at: [email protected]. Specific IT requests and catering services should be addressed to Keliana Management Company at [email protected]. There will be charges for the use of such specific IT equipment and related services which the event organizers must be prepared to cover. (Please fill in and submit the Catering Order Form with your requests)
  8. Request to cancel an event should be sent by e-mail from the registered contact person for the side-event e-mailbox at [email protected] and copied to [email protected] whenever a service contract has been signed, involving equipment and catering. Failing to inform the latter will entail penalties.
  9. If approved, all logistical and organizational arrangements for the side-event will be the sole responsibility of their organizers.
  10. The CITES Secretariat will post the side-event schedule on the website and make it available at the meeting venue.
  11. Side-events scheduled for times when the Committees are in session will not normally be permitted.
  12. Printed materials related to the agenda of the event may be distributed during the side-event by using the tables or other such facilities that will be available in the meeting rooms.
  13. Sale of printed materials or any goods on the venue during side-events or at any other time is not authorized.
  14. Side-event organizers are kindly requested not to set up displays or put up posters on meeting room walls during a side event or at any other time during the Conference to avoid removal and loss of their materials.
  15. Parties wishing to book meeting rooms at the SCC should contact the CITES Secretariat at [email protected].
  16. All other participants wishing to book meeting rooms at the SCC should send an e-mail to Keliana Management Company at [email protected]