Ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties 

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Fort Lauderdale (United States of America), 7-18 November 1994

Agenda and working documents

(all documents are provided here in PDF format)

Agenda item
I. Opening ceremony by the Authorities of the United States of America  
II Welcoming addresses  
III Adoption of the Rules of Procedure Doc. 9.3
IV Election of Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the meeting and of Chairmen
of Committees I and II and of the Budget Committee
V Adoption of the Agenda and Working Programmes Doc. 9.1 to Doc. 9.2.2
VI Establishment of the Credentials Committee  
VII Report of the Credentials Committee  
VIII Admission of observers Doc. 9.4 (Rev.)
IX Matters related to the Standing Committee  
  1. Report of the Chairman Doc. 9.5
  2. Regional representation on the Standing Committee Doc. 9.7
  3. Election of new members and alternate regional members  
X Reports of the Secretariat Doc. 9.6
XI Financing and budgeting of the Secretariat and of meetings of the Conference of the Parties  
  1. Financial report for 1992-1993 Doc. 9.8
  2. Anticipated expenditures for 1994 and 1995 Doc. 9.9
  3. Budget for 1996 1998 and Medium-term Plan for 1996-2000 Doc. 9.10
  4. External funding Doc. 9.11 & 9.12
XII Committee reports and recommendations  
  1. Animals Committee  
    a) Report of the Chairman Doc. 9.13
    b) Regional representation on the Animals Committee Doc. 9.49
  2. Plants Committee Doc. 9.14 to 9.16
  3. Identification Manual Committee
  4. Nomenclature Committee
    a) Report of the Chairman
    b) Recommendations of the Committee
XIII Evolution of the Convention  
  1. Strategic plan of the Secretariat Doc. 9.17 & 9.18
  2. How to improve the effectiveness of the Convention

Interpretation and implementation of the Convention

  1. Review of the Resolutions of the Conference of the Parties Doc. 9.19 to 9.19.2
    a) Deletion of Resolutions that are out of date
    b) Consolidation of valid Resolutions
  2. Establishment of a list of the other decisions of the Conference of the Parties Doc. 9.20
  3. Report on national reports under Article VIII, paragraph 7, of the Convention Doc. 9.21
  4. Review of alleged infractions and other problems of implementation of the Convention Doc. 9.22
  5. Implementation of the Convention in the European Union Doc. 9.23 to Doc. 9.25.1
  6. National laws for implementation of the Convention
  7. Enforcement of the Convention
  8. Trade in hunting trophies of species listed in Appendix I Doc. 9.50
  9. Exports of leopard hunting trophies and skins Doc. 9.26
  10. Interpretation and application of quotas Doc. 9.51
  11. Trade in specimens of species transferred to Appendix II subject to annual export quotas Doc. 9.27
  12. Trade in rhinoceros specimens Doc. 9.28, Doc. 9.28.1 & Doc. 9.29.2
  13. Conservation of rhinoceros in Asia and Africa Doc. 9.35
  14. Trade in tiger specimens Doc. 9.29, Doc. 9.29.1 & Doc. 9.29.4
  15. Illegal trade in whale meat Doc. 9.57 to 9.58
  16. Management of sharks
  17. Trade in plant specimens  
    a) Nursery registration for artificially propagated Appendix-I species Doc. 9.30 to 9.32
    b) Revision of the consolidated Resolution
    c) Standard reference for Orchidaceae
    d) Implementation of the Convention for timber species Doc. 9.52 & 9.53
    e) Ramin (Gonystylus bancanus)
  18. Significant trade in Appendix-II species Doc. 9.33 & 9.34 (Rev.)
    a) Animals
    b) Plants
  19. Standardization of CITES permits and certificates Doc. 9.36 (Rev.) to 9.39
  20. Non-commercial samples of skins
  21. Marking of crocodilian specimens
  22. Transport of live specimens
  23. Implementation of Article XIV, paragraphs 4 and 5 Doc. 9.40
  24. Disposal of confiscated live animals Doc. 9.54 & Doc. 9.55
  25. Disposal of skins of illegal origin
  26. New criteria for amendment of Appendices I and II Doc. 9.41 to 9.41.2
  27. Inclusion of species in Appendix III Doc. 9.59 (Rev.)
  28. Guidelines for evaluating marine turtle ranching proposals Doc. 9.42 & 9.43
  29. Proposals to register the first commercial captive breeding operation for an Appendix-I animal species
  30. Standard nomenclature Doc. 9.56
XV Consideration of proposals for amendment of Appendices I and II  
  1. Proposals submitted pursuant to Resolution on Ranching Doc. 9.44
  2. Ten-year-review proposals Doc. 9.45 to 9.47.4
  3. Proposals concerning export quotas
  4. Other proposals
XVI Conclusion of the meeting  
  1. Determination of the time and venue of the next regular meeting of the Conference of the Parties Doc. 9.48 (Rev. 2)
  2. Closing remarks