Eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties 

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Kyoto (Japan), 2-13 March 1992

Agenda and working documents

(all documents are provided here in PDF format)

Agenda item
I Opening ceremony by the Authorities of Japan  
II Welcoming addresses  
III Adoption of the Rules of Procedure Doc. 8.3 (Fin.)
IV Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the meeting and of Chairmen of Committees I and II and the Budget Committee  
V Adoption of the Agenda and Working Programme Doc. 8.1 (Fin) to Doc. 8.2.2 (Fin)
VI Establishment of the Credentials Committee and Committees I and II  
VII Report of the Credentials Committee  
VIII Admission of observers Doc. 8.4 (Rev.)
IX Matters related to the Standing Committee  
  1. Report by the Chairman Doc. 8.5
  2. Election of new members and alternate regional members  
X Report of the Secretariat Doc. 8.6
XI Financing and budgeting of the Secretariat and of meetings of the Conference of the Parties  
  1. Financial report for 1989-1990-1991 Doc. 8.7
  2. Anticipated expenditure for 1992 Doc. 8.8
  3. Budget for 1993-1995 and Medium-term Plan for 1993-1998 Doc. 8.9
  4. External funding Doc. 8.10 & Doc. 8.11
XII Committee reports and recommendations  
  1. Animals Committee Doc. 8.12 (Rev.)
  2. Plants Committee Doc. 8.13
  3. Identification Manual Committee Doc. 8.14
  4. Nomenclature Committee Doc. 8.15
XIII Interpretation and implementation of the Convention  
  1. Terms of reference for the administration of the Secretariat by UNEP Doc. 8.16
  2. Report on national reports under Article VIII, paragraph 7, of the Convention Doc. 8.17 (Rev.)
  3. Review of alleged infractions and other problems of enforcement of the Convention Doc. 8.19 (Rev.)
  4. Implementation of the Convention in the European Economic Community Doc. 8.18 (Rev.) & Doc. 8.18.1 (Rev.)
  5. Illegal trade of Singapore Doc. 8.53
  6. Recognition of the benefits of trade in wildlife Doc. 8.48 (Rev.)
  7. Reconsideration of "primarily commercial purposes" Doc. 8.49 (Rev.)
  8. Exports of leopard hunting trophies and skins Doc. 8.20
  9. Exports of cheetah hunting trophies and skins Doc. 8.22 (Rev.)
  10. Trade in specimens of species transferred to Appendix II subject to annual export quotas Doc. 8.21
  11. Trade in birds  
    a) Significantly traded species Doc. 8.23, Doc. 8.23.1
    b) Trade in species subject to high mortality rates Doc. 8.24 to Doc. 8.24.2
  12. Trade in wild-caught animal specimens Doc. 8.23.2, Doc. 8.35, Doc. 8.35.1 (Rev.), Doc. 8.57, Doc. 8.58
  13. Detrimental trade in sea turtles  
  14. Trade in crocodilian products Doc. 8.26
  15. Trade in plant specimens  
    a) Trade in flasked seedlings  
    b) Nursery registration for artificially propagated Appendix-I species Doc. 8.28
    c) Artificial propagation and trade in hybrids  
    d) Plant nomenclature  
  16. Significant trade in Appendix-II species  
    a) Animals Doc. 8.30
    b) Plants Doc. 8.27, Doc. 8.29 and Doc. 8.31
  17. Trade with States not party to the Convention Doc. 8.54
  18. Existence of hair, wool and cloth of vicuna in the European Economic Community, Japan and Hong Kong Doc. 8.55 (Rev.)
  19. Return to the wild of confiscated live animals of species included in Appendices II and III Doc. 8.56
  20. Export and re-export of confiscated specimens Doc. 8.32
  21. Marking of specimens Doc. 8.33
  22. Standardization of CITES permits and certificates Doc. 8.34
  23. Transport of live specimens Doc. 8.36
  24. Role of the Scientific Authority Doc. 8.37 (Rev.)
  25. Proposals to register the first commercial captive-breeding operation for an Appendix-I animal species  
    a) Format and criteria Doc. 8.38
    b) Consideration of proposals Doc. 8.39
  26. Guidelines for evaluating marine turtle ranching proposals Doc. 8.40
  27. Exemption for blood and tissue samples for DNA studies from CITES permit requirements Doc. 8.41 (Rev.)
  28. Criteria for amendments to the appendices Doc. 8.50
  29. A review of procedures and criteria for the transfer of crocodilians from Appendix I to Appendix II Doc. 8.25
  30. Support of range States for amendments to Appendices I and II Doc. 8.51 (Rev.)
  31. Review of Appendix III Doc. 8.42
  32. "Stricter domestic measures" Doc. 8.52 (Rev.) & Doc. 8.52.1
XIV Consideration of proposals for amendment of Appendices I and II Doc. 8.46 (Rev.)
  1. Proposals submitted pursuant to Resolution on Ranching Doc. 8.43 (Rev.)
  2. Ten Year Review proposals Doc. 8.44
  3. Proposals concerning export quotas Doc. 8.45 & Doc. 8.45.1
  4. Other proposals Doc. 8.46.1 & Doc. 8.46.2
XV Conclusion of the meeting  
  1. Determination of the time and venue of the next regular meeting of the Conference of the Parties Doc. 8.47
  2. Closing remarks