Register of captive-breeding operations


Register of operations that breed Appendix-I
animal species for commercial purposes

[see Resolution Conf. 12.10 (Rev. CoP15)]

  • T = telephone
  • F = fax
  • E = email
  • W = website
  • M = male
  • F = female
  • PIT = Passive Integrated Transponder
  • F1 = first-generation offspring; F2 = second-generation offspring; etc.
  1. The absence of a reference to any Party means that it has not registered any captive-breeding operation with the Secretariat
  2. The dates are in the form: dd/mm/yyyy
  3. The registration number for each operation is composed of the following elements:
  • A, which refers to Animals
  • the two-letter ISO code of the country on whose territory the operation is located
  • for each Party a sequential number starting with 501
  1. Specimens bred in operations listed in this Register may be entitled to the exemption provided by Article VII, paragraph 4, of the Convention
  2. The import for commercial purposes of captive-bred specimens of Appendix-I species should not be authorized if they were not produced by an operation included in this Register