70th meeting of the Standing Committee - In-session documents

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Rosa Khutor, Sochi (Russian Federation), 1-5 October 2018

In-session documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

Document title/content Document as adopted
by the working groups 
Document as
amended by the SC 
1. European eels (Anguilla anguilla) SC70 Com. 1  
2. National Ivory Action Plans process: Report of the Working Group SC70 Com. 2  
3. Disposal of confiscated specimens SC70 Com. 3  
4. Purpose codes on CITES permits and certificates SC70 Com. 4  
5. Specimens produced from biotechnology SC70 Com. 5  
6. Application of Article XIII in Nigeria SC70 Com. 6  
7. Asian big cats (Felidae spp.) SC70 Com. 7  
8. Review of the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of the Parties SC70 Com. 8  
9. Review of Resolution Conf. 11.1 (Rev. CoP17) SC70 Com. 9  
10. Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae spp.) SC70 Com. 10  
11. Engagement of rural communities in the CITES processes SC70 Com. 11  
12. Report of drafting group on trade in specimens bred in captivity or artificially propagated SC70 Com. 12  
13. Report of the Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (FBSC) SC70 Com. 13  
14. Malagasy ebonies (Diospyros spp.) and palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.) SC70 Com. 14  
15. Terms of reference for the review of the ETIS programme SC70 Com. 15  
16. Guidance for verifying the legal acquisition of CITES specimens to be exported SC70 Com. 16  
17. Annotations - Report of the in-session working group SC70 Com. 17  
18. Report of the MIKE and ETIS subgroup SC70 Com. 18