Sixty-second meeting of the Standing Committee

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Geneva (Switzerland), 23-27 July 2012

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1. Supplementary information on document SC62 Doc. 46.1 (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 1 46.1 English 16/07/2012
2. Background study: Decision-making mechanisms and necessary conditions for a future trade in African elephant ivory (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 2 46.4 English 29/06/2012
3. Overview of important international seizures in the European Union (submitted by the European Union and its Member States) SC62 Inf. 3 29 English 18/07/2012
4. Analysis of how EMG Member goals, objectives, targets and/or strategies contribute to achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets established in the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (COP decision X/2) (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 4 13 and 24.2 English 19/07/2012
5. Report of Madagascar for the 62nd meeting of the Standing Committee on the management of Crocodylus niloticus (submitted by Madagascar)
Addition of two letters
SC62 Inf. 5
(Rev. 1)
25 English 19/07/2012
6. Report of the First Summit of International Chiefs of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 6 29 English 20/07/2012
7. CITES Trade: recent trends in international trade in Appendix-II species (1996-2010) (Draft. Will undergo further review) (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 7 -- English 23/07/2012
8. Control of trade in ivory in China (submitted by China) SC62 Inf. 8 46 English 23/07/2012
9. Indonesia's celebration of the International Year of the Rhino (IYR) 2012 (submitted by Indonesia) SC62 Inf. 9
(Rev. 1)
47 English 24/07/2012
10. Bois précieux de Madagascar (submitted by Madagascar) SC62 Inf. 10 -- French 24/07/2012
11. Ivory Trade Control in Thailand (submitted by Thailand) SC62 Inf. 11 46.2 English 25/07/2012
12. CITES – Financial resources (submitted by the Secretariat) SC62 Inf. 12 9.4 English 25/07/2012
13. Note and conclusions of the rhino working group meeting (submitted by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) SC62 Inf. 13 47.1 English 26/07/2012
14. Population status and management plan of the African grey parrot in Cameroon (submitted by Cameroon) SC62 Inf. 14 27.3 English 26/07/2012
Stratégie et plan de gestion des crocodiles à Madagascar (2010-2015) (submitted by Madagascar)
SC62 Inf. 15 25 French 27/07/2012