Agenda of documents of SC45

Forty-fifth meeting of the Standing Committee
Paris (France), 19-22 June 2001


1. Opening remarks by the Chairman (no document)
Strategic and administrative matters  
2. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure SC45 Doc. 2
3. Acceptance of credentials (no document)
4. Adoption of the Agenda SC45 Doc.4 (Rev. 2)
5. Implementation of the Strategic and Action Plans (no document)
6. UNEP Governing Council decision on international environmental governance SC45 Doc. 6
7. Financial and administrative matters SC45 Doc. 7.1
SC45 Doc. 7.1A1
SC45 Doc. 7.1A2
SC45 Doc. 7.1A3 (Rev.1)
  a) Workplan of the Secretariat  
  b) Report of the Finance Subcommittee  
  i) Financial report for 2000 SC45 Doc. 7.2.1 (Rev.1)
SC45 Doc. 7.2.1A
  ii) Anticipated expenditures in 2001 SC45 Doc. 7.2.2
SC45 Doc. 7.2.2A

Payment of contributions by Parties

- Status of payments made to the CITES Trust Fund
- Regional contributions
- Projected shortfalls for 2002

SC45 Doc. 7.2.3 (Rev.1)
SC45 Doc. 7.2.3A1
SC45 Doc. 7.2.3A2
SC45 Doc. 7.2.3A3
SC45 Doc. 7.2.3A4
  iv) New UN rate of assessed contributions SC45 Doc. 7.2.4
SC45 Doc. 7.2.4A
  v) Identification of discrete programmes, currently funded from the Trust Fund, that can be deleted from the next triennium budget (Conf. 11.2) SC45 Doc. 7.2.5
  vi) Options for preparation of the budget for the period 2003-2005 SC45 Doc. 7.2.6
  vii) Proposal to change the currency of the Secretariat's budget SC45 Doc. 7.2.7
  c) Report of UNEP SC45 Doc. 7.3
  d) Sponsored delegates project SC45 Doc. 7.4
  e) Approval of new donors SC45 Doc. 7.5 (Rev.1)
8. Establishment of an Implementation Committee SC45 Doc. 8
9. Financing the conservation of species (Decisions 11.78, 11.79, 11.129, 11.130 & see 11.8) SC45 Doc. 9
Interpretation and implementation of the Convention  
10. Trade in time-sensitive research samples (Decisions 11.87, 11.88 & see 11.104) SC45 Doc. 10 (Rev.1)
11. Implementation of the Convention in individual countries  
  a) National legislation project (Resolution Conf. 8.4 and Decisions 11.15-21, 11.77) SC45 Doc. 11.1
  b) Enforcement matters SC45 Doc. 11.2
12. Significant trade in specimens of Appendix-II species [Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) & see Decisions 11.106 n) and 11.117 n)] SC45 Doc. 12
SC45 Doc. 12.1
SC45 Doc. 12.2
13. Annual reports  
  a) Late or non-submission of annual reports (Conf. 11.17, Decision 11.89 & see 11.37) SC45 Doc. 13.1
  b) Guidelines for the preparation of annual reports SC45 Doc. 13.2
14. Araucaria araucana SC45 Doc. 14
15. Reports of Regional Representatives  
  a) Africa SC45 Doc. 15.1
Annex 2
  b) Asia SC45 Doc. 15.2 Rev.1)
  c) Central and South America and the Caribbean SC45 Doc. 15.3
Annex 3
  d) Europe SC45 Doc. 15.4 (Rev.1)
  e) North America SC45 Doc. 15.5
  f) Oceania SC45 Doc. 15.6
16. Report of the Chairman of the Animals Committee SC45 Doc. 16
17. Report of the Chairman of the Plants Committee SC45 Doc. 17
18. Arrangements for the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (no document)
19. Implementation of existing Resolutions (Decision 11.136) SC45 Doc. 19
20. Review of criteria to amend Appendices I and II SC45 Doc. 20
21. Conservation of and trade in specific species
(bears - Decision 11.80 & see 11.43; tiger - Decisions 11.81, 11.82, 11.140, 11.142, 11.147
& see 11.47, 11.55; Tibetan antelope - Conf. 11.8)
SC45 Doc. 21
22. Elephants (MIKE Subgroup report) SC45 Doc. 22
23. Identification Manual (Conf. 11.19) SC45 Doc. 23
24. Publicity materials [Decision 11.131 c)] SC45 Doc. 24
Concluding items  
25. Any other business (no document)
26. Closing remarks (no document)