Agenda of documents of SC42

Forty-second meeting of the Standing Committee
Lisbon (Portugal), 28 September-1 October 1999



1. Opening remarks by the Chairman

(no document)

2. Acceptance of credentials

(no document)

3. Adoption of the Agenda

Doc. SC.42.3 (Rev. 3)

4. Finance and administration

Doc. SC.42.4 *


[Annex 5 (Rev.), Annex 6 Table (Rev.), Annex 7 (Rev.), Annex 9 (Rev.)]


a) Report of the Finance Subcommittee

(no document)


b) Permit confirmation

Doc. SC.42.4.1


c) Letterhead of the Secretariat

(no document)


d) Report of UNEP

Doc. SC.42.4.2


e) Request for donor approval

Doc. SC.42.4.3

5. Preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Convention

Doc. SC.42.5 and
Annex 1
Annex 2a
Annex 2b
Annex 2c
Annex 3

6. Future meetings of the Conference of the Parties


a) Preparations for CoP11 (UNEP, Gigiri)

Doc. SC.42.6.1


b) Organizational and procedural arrangements (Decisions 10.107, 10.108)

Doc. SC.42.6.2

7. Decisions regarding improvement of the effectiveness of the Convention (Decision 10.111)


a) Implementation of the Action Plan

Doc. SC.42.7 and
Annex 2


b) Consolidation of Resolutions

Doc. SC.42.7.1

8. Responsibilities of members of the Plants Committee

Doc. SC.42.8

9. Small island developing States (Decision 10.112)

Doc. SC.42.9 (Rev.)

10. Issues relating to species


a) Bears (Decision 10.65)

Doc. SC.42.10.1


b) Elephants


i) Verification of compliance with the precautionary undertakings for the sale and shipment of raw ivory

Doc. SC.


ii) MIKE Sub-group report

Doc. SC.


c) Tiger


i) Decision 10.66

Doc. SC.42.10.3


ii) Technical missions

Doc. SC.42.10.4


iii) Political missions

(no document)


d) Rhinoceroses: indicators of conservation success (Resolution Conf. 9.14)

Doc. SC.42.10.5


e) Approval of new projects

Doc. SC.42.10.6


i) Status of projects presented at the 41st meeting

Doc. SC.


ii) Status of implementation of projects

Doc. SC.

11. Review of the criteria for amendment of Appendices I and II (Resolution Conf. 9.24)

Doc. SC.42.11

12. Implementation of the Convention in individual countries


a) National legislation project: progress and future development

Doc. SC.42.12.1


b) Implementation of Decisions 10.18 and 10.64 (possible trade measures)

Doc. SC.42.12.2


c) Stricter domestic measures (Decision 10.103)

Doc. SC.42.12.3


d) Enforcement matters

Doc. SC.42.12.4


e) Import and export controls

Doc. SC.42.12.5


f) Implementation of Resolutions

Doc. SC.42.12.6 and


g) Smuggling of specimens of CITES-listed species by diplomats

Doc. SC.42.12.7

13. Transport of live animals (Resolution Conf. 10.21)

Doc. SC.42.13

14. Guidelines for the preparation and submission of annual reports (Decision 10.131)

Doc. SC.42.14 and

15. Cross-border movement of live animals (Decision 10.142)

Doc. SC.42.15

16. Traditional medicine (Decision 10.143)

Doc. SC.42.16

17. Synergy between the biodiversity-related conventions (Decision 10.63) and relations with other organizations

Doc. SC.42.17

18. Trade in bushmeat

(no document)

19. Organization of work of the Committee until CoP11


Time and venue of the next meeting

(no document)

20. Any other business

(no document)

21. Closing remarks

(no document)

Other documents

CITES issues in southern Africa Inf. SC.42.1