Intersessional work of the Plants Committee

The Plants Committee often establishes intersessional working groups in order to progress on the work it has been mandated by the Conference of the Parties.

In accordance with Resolution Conf. 18.2, the committees established by the Conference of the Parties may establish working groups with specific terms of reference as required to address specific problems. The mandates of the working groups are often included in Decisions adopted by the Conference of the Parties.

These working groups normally have a defined life span which does not exceed the period until the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties, at which time they may be re-established if necessary. Working groups usually conduct their work in English through electronic means (email and online meetings). Working groups report to the committee which established them.


  • Find the membership and mandates of the PC working groups here.
  • Find the membership and mandates of the joint working groups here.

Resolutions and Decisions

Document and resources

The Guidance for the chairs of intersessional and in-session working groups has been endorsed by the Standing Committee and is meant to assist chairs of working groups in fulfilling their tasks by providing brief information and guidance, basic principles, and practical tips and tools.

The Rules of Procedure of the Plants Committee generally apply to the work of the working groups.

Past intersessional work