Twenty-fifth meeting of the Plants Committee - AGENDA

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Twenty-fifth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 17 & 20-23 July 2020

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AGENDA (Provisional)

Opening remarks of the Chair    
Opening remarks of the Secretary-General    
X Confirmation of the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair    
X Declaration of conflict of interest    
X Rules of Procedure    
X Agenda    
X Working programme    
X Admission of observers    
X Plants Committee strategic planning for 2020-2022 (CoP18-CoP19)    
  X.1 Resolutions and Decisions directed to the Plants Committee    
  X.2 Plants Committee workplan    
X Tree species programme
[Decision 18.15]
X CITES Strategic Vision*
[Decision 18.25]
X Appendix-I listed species*
[Decision 18.29]
X Capacity-building*
[Decision 18.40]
Cooperation with organizations and Multilateral Environmental Agreements    
X Cooperation with the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
[Resolution Conf. 16.5 and Decision 18.50]
X Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)*
[Resolution Conf. 18.4]
General compliance and enforcement    
X Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species
[Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP18)]
  X.1 Overview of the Review of Significant Trade    
  X.2 Species selected following CoP16    
  X.3 Species selected following CoP17    
  X.4 Species selected following CoP18    
  X.5 Inclusion of Pterocarpus erinaceus from all range States in the Review of Significant Trade
[Decision 18.92, paragraph b)]
X Malagasy palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.) and ebonies (Diospyros spp.)    
  X.1 Report of Madagascar on the implementation of Decision 18.96    
  X.2 Report of the Secretariat on the implementation of Decision 18.99    
Regulation of trade    
X Non-detriment findings*
[Resolution Conf. 16.7 (Rev. CoP17) and Decisions 18.132 and 18.133]
X Identification materials*
[Decision 18.137]
X Identification of timber and other wood products
[Decision 18.140]
X Specimens produced through biotechnology*
[Decision 18.148]
X Review of CITES provisions related to trade in specimens of animals and plants not of wild source*
[Decision 18.172]
X Guidance on the term ‘artificially propagated’
[Decision 18.178]
X Specimens grown from wild-collected seeds or spores that are deemed to be artificially propagated
[Decision 18.179]
X Agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp.)
[Resolution Conf. 16.10 and Decision 18.203]
X Boswellia trees (Boswellia spp.)
[Decision 18.205]
X Rosewood tree species [Leguminosae (Fabaceae)]
[Decision 18.236]
X African cherry (Prunus africana)
[Decision 18.260]
X African tree species
[Decision 17.302]
X Neotropical tree species
[Decision 18.299]
X Trade in medicinal and aromatic plant species
[Decision 18.302]
Maintenance of the Appendices    
X Report of the nomenclature specialist
[Resolution Conf. 12.11 (Rev. CoP18)]
X Nomenclature of Appendix-III listings*
[Decision 18.313]
X Production of a CITES Checklist for Dalbergia spp.
[Decision 18.308]
X Annotations*
[Decision 16.162 (Rev. CoP18)]
X Annotation #15
[Decision 18.321]
X Periodic Review of species included in Appendices I and II*
[Resolution Conf. 14.8 (Rev. CoP17)]
X Products containing specimens of Appendix-II orchids
[Decision 18.329]
X Guidance for the publication of the Appendices*
[Decision 18.331]
X Regional reports    
  X.1 Africa    
  X.2 Asia    
  X.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean    
  X.4 Europe    
  X.5 North America    
  X.6 Oceania    
X Any other business    
X Time and venue of the 26th meeting of the Plants Committee    
X Closing remarks    

* This agenda item is addressed to the Animals and Plants Committees.