PC19: Working group reports

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Nineteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 18-21 April 2011

Working group reports

(Note: The recommendations in these working group reports may be adopted with amendments.
You need to refer to the corresponding items in the executive summaries for the text adopted by the Committee.)




1. Establishment of the Plants Committee work-plan
(Agenda item 7.2)
PC19 WG1
2. - -
3. Non-detriment findings – Implementation of Decision 15.24
(Agenda item 10.3)
PC19 WG3
4. Preparation of clarification and guidance on the meaning of "packaged and ready for retail trade" and other terms used in the Annotations
(Agenda item 11.2)
PC19 WG4
5. Orchids: annotations for species included in Appendix II
(Agenda item 11.4)
PC19 WG5
6. Tree species: annotations for species included in Appendices II and III
(Agenda item 11.5)
PC19 WG6
7. - -
8. Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species
(Agenda item 12)
PC19 WG8 (Rev. 1)
9. Periodic review of plant species included in the CITES Appendices
(Agenda item 13)
PC19 WG9
10. Madagascar
(Agenda item 14.3)
PC19 WG10
11. Agarwood producing taxa
(Agenda item 16.3)
PC19 WG11
12. Aniba rosaeodora and Bulnesia sarmientoi
(Agenda items 16.1.1 and 16.1.2)
PC19 WG12