PC17: Working group reports

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Seventeenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 15-19 April 2008

Working group reports

(Note: The recommendations in these working group reports may have been adopted with amendments.
You need to refer to the corresponding items in the summary record for the text adopted by the Committee.)



Cacti and orchid annotations
(agenda item 13.1)

PC17 WG1 (Rev. 1)

Orchid annotations
(agenda item 13.2)

PC17 WG2 (Rev. 1)

Tree species annotations
(agenda item 13.3)

PC17 WG3

Review of significant trade
(agenda items 8.4 and 8.5)

PC17 WG4 (Rev. 1)

Periodic review / Euphorbia species
(agenda items 11 and 14)

PC17 WG5 (Rev. 1)

Non-detriment findings for medicinal plants
(agenda item 17.1.1)

PC17 WG6

(agenda item 17.2)

PC17 WG7

Non-detriment findings for timber species
(agenda item 17.1.1)

No document (intersessional working group)

Hybrids and cultivars
(agenda item 19)

PC17 WG9

Timber issues
(agenda items 16.1.1, 16.1.2, 16.1.3 and 16.3)

PC17 WG10