PC16: Agenda and documents

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Sixteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Lima (Peru), 3-8 July 2006

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)


Current Rules of Procedure

PC16 Doc. 2.1

Proposed amendments

PC16 Doc. 2.2

Adoption of the agenda and working programme



PC16 Doc. 3.1 (Rev.2)

Working programme

PC16 Doc. 3.2 (Rev.1)

Admission of observers

PC16 Doc. 4

Regional reports



PC16 Doc. 5.1


PC16 Doc. 5.2

Central and South America and the Caribbean

PC16 Doc. 5.3 (Rev. 1)
(Spanish only)


PC16 Doc. 5.4

North America

PC16 Doc. 5.5


PC16 Doc. 5.6

Strategic Vision and Action Plan until 2013

PC16 Doc. 6

Review of the scientific committees

PC16 Doc. 7 (Rev.1)

Regional communication


Review of the conditions under which members and alternate members perform their duties

PC16 Doc. 8.1

Manual for regional representatives

PC16 Doc. 8.2

Export Quota Working Group

PC16 Doc. 9

Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species


Progress in the implementation of the species-based Review of Significant Trade – overview

PC16 Doc. 10.1

Species selected following CoP11 and CoP12

PC16 Doc. 10.2
  10.2.1Evaluation of the Harvest of Prunus africana Bark on the Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea): Guidelines for a Management PlanPC16 Doc. 10.2.1

Species selected following CoP13

PC16 Doc. 10.3

Progress on the country-based Review of Significant Trade in Madagascar

PC16 Doc. 10.4

Asian medicinal species

PC16 Doc. 10.5

Periodic review of plant species included in the CITES Appendices

PC16 Doc. 11 (Rev.1)

Production systems for specimens of CITES-listed species


Review of production systems

PC16 Doc. 12.1

Review of global crocodile ranching programmes

PC16 Doc. 12.2

Synergy between CITES and CBD


Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines for the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

PC16 Doc. 13.1

Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and links with the Convention on Biological Diversity

PC16 Doc. 13.2

Trade in alien invasive species

PC16 Doc. 14

Transport of live specimens


Review of Resolution Conf. 10.21 on Transport of live animals

PC16 Doc. 15.1

Harpagophytum spp.

PC16 Doc. 16

Annotations for species in Appendices II and III


Medicinal plants

PC16 Doc. 17.1

Implementation of the annotation for Orchidaceae spp. included in Appendix II

PC16 Doc. 17.2
18.Effects of implementing the revised definition of ‘artificially propagated'PC16 Doc. 18

Tree species


Bigleaf Mahogany Working Group

PC16 Doc. 19.1
  19.1.1 Report of the third meeting of the Bigleaf Mahogany Working GroupPC16 Doc. 19.1.1

Proposals to amend the Appendices for tree species

PC16 Doc. 19.2

Standard procedure for the measurement of logs and sawn wood of timber species included in Appendices II and III

PC16 Doc. 19.3

Implementation of the annotation for Hoodia spp.

PC16 Doc. 20

Advice and guidance on proposals to amend the Appendices


Use of annotations for plants in Appendix II and animals and plants in Appendix III

PC16 Doc. 21.1

Proposals to amend the Appendices for possible consideration at CoP14

PC16 Doc. 21.2 (Rev.1)

Progress report from the Co-Chairman of the Nomenclature Committee

PC16 Doc. 22

Identification material


Progress report on the Identification Manual

PC16 Doc. 23.1

Interactive CD-ROM for macroscopic CITES timber identification

PC16 Doc. 23.2

Preparation of the Chairman’s report for CoP14

No document

Time and venue of the 17th meeting of the Plants Committee

No document

Any other business

 2.6.1Need for relevant information and a standardized procedure to evaluate the non-detrimental character of trade in timber species listed in Appendix II of CITESNo document
 2.6.2Master's CourseNo document
 2.6.3Workshop for CITES Management and Scientific Authorities in MexicoNo document
 2.6.4Implementation of Decisions 13.104 and 13.105No document

Closing remarks

No document

Information documents

PC16 Inf. 3Spanish
4.Strategies for the sustainable use and management of timber tree species subject to international trade: MesoamericaPC16 Inf. 4English
5.Report on the imports of Swietenia macrophylla by the United States of America: 1996-2005PC16 Inf. 5English
6.Examen periódico de especies vegetales incluidas en los Apéndices de la CITES
Evaluación del estatus del género
Pereskiopsis y de Pereskia lychnidiflora (Cactaceae) en México dentro de los Apéndices de la CITES
PC16 Inf. 6:
– Colour (6.8Mb)
– Black & white (1.6Mb)

Review of Pereskia spp. and Quiabentia verticillata (Cactaceae) in Argentina

PC16 Inf. 7English-Spanish
8.The Aloes and Euphorbias of CITES Appendix I and the genus PachypodiumPC16 Inf. 8English
9.International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ISSC-MAP)PC16 Inf. 9English
10.Development of a molecular method to rapidly identify species of the genus Galanthus (Amaryllidaceae, CITES Appendix II)PC16 Inf. 10English
11.Non-detrimental findings to the survival of Appendix-II species. Need for relevant information and a standardized procedure to evaluate the non-detrimental character of the trade in timber species listed in Appendix II of CITESPC16 Inf. 11English
12.Review of trade in merbau (Intsia spp.) from major range States to Germany and the EU: A preliminary assessmentPC16 Inf. 12English
13.Irregularieites in Galanthus tradePC16 Inf. 13English