PC14: working group reports



Fourteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Windhoek (Namibia), 16-20 February 2004

Working group reports

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Title of working group/document



Drafting group on review of the criteria

E-PC14 DG 1 Doc-1R1.doc

English only

Definition of the technical terms used in the annotations for medicinal plants (Dec. 12.23 and 11.118)

E-PC14 SG 1 Doc-1.doc

English only

Improving Regional Communication

E-PC14 WG 2 Doc-1.doc

English only

Significant trade in plants – Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade [Decision 12.75]

E-PC14 WG 3-1 Doc-1.doc

English only

Review of information and confirmation of categorisation by the Plants Committee – Recommendations of the Significant Trade working group

E-PC14 WG 3-2 Doc-1.doc

English only

Selection of new species for inclusion in the Significant Trade Review

E-PC14 WG 3-3 Doc-1.doc

English only

Draft Revision of Resolution Conf. 11.11 – Regulation of trade in plants

E-PC14 WG 4 Doc-1.doc

English only

Prioridades en la implementación de la Decisión 12.21 sobre caoba (Swietenia macrophylla)

S-PC14 WG 7 Doc-1.doc

Spanish only