Thirteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 12-15 August 2003

Agenda and documents


Agenda item Document No. Document

1. Opening of the meeting

No document


2. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

PC13 Doc. 2 (Rev. 1)


3. Adoption of the Agenda and working programme



3.1 Agenda

PC13 Doc. 3.1 (Rev. 7)



3.2 Working programme

PC13 Doc. 3.2


4. Admission of observers

PC13 Doc. 4

5. General introduction on the operation of the Plants Committee [Decision 12.16]

No document

6. Regional reports and updated regional Directories [Decisions 12.14 and 12.15]



6.1 Africa
6.1.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.1.1
6.1.2 Regional directory
No document


6.2 Asia
6.2.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.2.1 (Rev.1)
6.2.2 Regional directory
No document


6.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean
6.3.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.3.1
6.3.2 Regional directory
No document


6.4 Europe
6.4.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.4.1
6.4.2 Regional directory
No document


6.5 North America
6.5.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.5.1
6.5.2 Regional directory
PC13 Doc. 6.5.2


 6.6 Oceania
  6.6.1 Regional report
PC13 Doc. 6.6.1
  6.6.2 Regional directory
PC13 Doc. 6.6.2

7. Report on the 49th meeting of the Standing Committee



Working programme for the Plants Committee until the 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties
  8.1 Resolutions and Decisions directed or related to the Plants Committee
PC13 Doc. 8.1

9. Follow-up of CoP12 Decisions



9.1 Harpagophytum spp. [Decisions 12.63-12.65]
  9.1.1 Implementation of Decisions
PC13 Doc. 9.1.1
  9.1.2 Implementation of Decisions in Namibia
PC13 Doc. 9.1.2


9.2 Guaiacum spp. [Decision 11.114 (Rev. CoP12)]
PC13 Doc. 9.2


9.3 Aquilaria spp. [Decisions 12.66-12.71]: progress report
PC13 Doc. 9.3


9.4 Review of Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev. CoP12) [Decision 12.97]    
  9.4.1 Decision 12.97
PC13 Doc. 9.4.1
  9.4.2 Chair’s text – Committee I Working Group on Criteria (document CoP12 Com. I. 3)
PC13 Doc. 9.4.2
  9.4.3 Proposal of terms of reference and schedule
PC13 Doc. 9.4.3 (Rev. 1)

10. Technical proposals from the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties



10.1 Definitions of the technical terms used in the annotations of medicinal plants [Decisions 12.23 and 11.118 (Rev.CoP12)]
No document


10.2 Artificially propagated orchid hybrids
No document


10.3 Review of Resolutions on plants and plant trade [Decision 12.11 e)]
No document


10.4 Determination of the definition of Swietenia macrophylla plywood
PC13 Doc. 10.4

11. Species proposals for the 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties



11.1 Annotations for certain artificially propagated orchid hybrids
PC13 Doc. 11.1


11.2 Specimens in international trade under exemption
PC13 Doc. 11.2


11.3 Proposal to include Caesalpinia echinata in the Appendices
No document

12. Significant trade in plants



 12.1 Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade [Decision 12.75]
PC13 Doc. 12.1


 12.2 Implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.8


12.2.1 Trade in plants from Madagascar [Decision 12.73]
PC13 Doc. 12.2.1


12.2.2 Cycads
PC13 Doc. 12.2.2


12.2.3 Taxa for review [Decision 12.74]
 Prunus africana
PC13 Doc.
  Aquilaria malaccensis
PC13 Doc.
  Pericopsis elata
PC13 Doc.
  Aloe species from East Africa used as extracts
PC13 Doc.

13. Review of the Appendices



13.1 Timber species
PC13 Doc. 13.1


13.2 Artificially propagated plants traded in large quantities
PC13 Doc. 13.2


13.3 Periodic review of animal and plant taxa in the Appendices [Resolution Conf. 11.1 (Rev.), Decision 12.96 and document SC49 Doc. 20.1]
PC13 Doc. 13.3

14. Review of heavily traded non-CITES species



14.1 Review of heavily traded non-CITES species [Decision 12.9 a) iii)]
PC13 Doc. 14.1


14.2 Evaluation of tree species (Decision 12.10)
PC13 Doc. 14.2 (Rev. 1)


14.3 Project report on Dalbergia melanoxylon
No document

15. Checklists and nomenclature



15.1 Progress report
PC13 Doc. 15.1


15.2 Checklist of Succulent Euphorbia, new edition
No document


15.3 Checklist of medicinal and aromatic plants, new edition
No document


15.4 Preparation of CITES checklist for Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae)
No document


Strategic planning (PC): Action Plan of the Plants Committee [Decisions 12.9 b) and 12.11 a)]
No document

17. ID Manual: progress report

PC13 Doc. 17

18. Guidelines for transport of live plants

No document


Relationship between in situ conservation and ex situ production of plants [Decision 12.11 l)]
PC13 Doc. 19


Links with industry and traders to promote projects on sustainable use [Decision 12.11 k)]
No document

21. Role of Appendix II [Decision 12.11 m)]

No document


Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (CBD): Analysis and links with CBD [Decisions 12.12 and 10.86]
No document

23. Other issues resulting from PC12

No document

24. Training initiatives



24.1 Standard slide package: progress report
PC13 Doc. 24.1


24.2 Master's Course in Baeza, Spain, 2003
No document


Production systems involving CITES-listed species and their impact on wild populations – source code designations


25.1 Plant production systems
PC13 Doc. 25.1

26. Time and venue of the 14th Plants Committee meeting

No document

27. Any other business



27.1 Annotations of parts and derivatives
No document


27.2 Artificially propagated Tillandsia xerographyca from Guatemala and the Philippines
No document


Information documents

Document title Document No. Document


Response from Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) to document PC13 Doc. 10.14

PC13 Inf. 1



Guaiacum sanctum in Mexico: progress in the study of population status, recent management and enforcement actions and other related issues

PC13 Inf. 2



Status assessment of Agarwood producing species for improved conservation and non detrimental use

PC13 Inf. 3



Proposal to include Caesalpinia echinata in the Appendices. Presentation of the international pernambuco conservation initiative

PC13 Inf. 4



Artificially propagated Tillandsia xerographyca from Guatemala and the Philippines

PC13 Inf. 5



Production systems involving CITES-listed species and their impact on wild populations

PC13 Inf. 6



Carta de la Autoridad Administrativa CITES de Cuba dirigida a la Secretaría CITES (17.06.03)

PC13 Inf. 7



Madagascar Significant Trade – Plants
Report for CITES Secretariat
RBG Kew (July 2003) Andrew Newman

PC13 Inf. 8



Document prepared by the Scientific Authority of Austria for PC13 (Agenda item 15.4)
Preparation of CITES checklist for Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae)

PC13 Inf. 9




PC13 Inf. 10



Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (IUCN, TRAFFIC)

PC13 Inf. 11



Correspondence from the Executive Secretary of CBD 
to the Chairman of the Plants Committee

PC13 Inf. 12