CITES Plants Committee




Tenth meeting of the Plants Committee
Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States of America, 11 - 15 December 2000

Draft agenda


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Agenda item



1. Opening of the meeting

No document


2. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

Doc. PC.10.2 E, F, S

3. Adoption of the Agenda and the Working programme

No document  

3.1 Agenda

Doc. PC.10.3.1

E, F, S

3.2 Working programme


4. Admission of observers



5. Regional reports and reports on regional meetings

No document  

5.1 Africa


5.2 Asia


5.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean


5.4 Europe


5.5 North America

Doc. PC.10.5.5 E

5.6 Oceania


6. Regional Directories [Resolution Conf. 11.1, Annex 2, paragraph e)]

No document  

6.1 North America


7. Follow up of CoP11 Decisions

No document  

7.1 Mahogany Working Group


7.2 Harpagophytum spp.

Doc. PC.10.7.2 E, F, S

7.3 Guaiacum sanctum


7.4 Aquillaria spp.


8. Technical proposals for the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties

No document  

8.1 Definition of "artificially propagated" in relation to timber

Doc. PC.10.8.1  

8.2 Standard exemptions

Doc. PC.10.8.2 E, F, S

8.3 Definitions of the technical terms used in the annotations


9. Species proposals for the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties

No document  

9.1 Araucaria araucana

Doc. PC.10.9.1 E, F, S

9.2 Cimicifuga spp., Sclerocactus spp. and Tricholoma magnivelare

Doc. PC.10.9.2 E, F, S

9.3 Ligusticum porteri

Doc. PC.10.9.3  

10. Significant trade in plants

No document  

10.1 Implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) (cf. Decision 11.xx)


10.1.1 Selection of taxa for review


10.2 Significant trade plant projects pre CoP11

No document  

10.2.1 Trade in medicinal plants (CITES Project S-109): progress report


10.2.2 Trade in Chinese orchids (CITES Project S-114): progress report

Doc. PC. E, F, S

10.2.3 Implementation of trade controls for Nardostachys grandiflora and Picrorhiza kurrooa: progress report

Doc. PC. E, F, S

11. Medicinal plants

No document  

11.1 Trade in Prunus africana


11.2 Possible future activities



12. Review of the Appendices

No document  

12.1 How to proceed with the review of Orchidaceae spp.

Doc. PC.10.12.1 E, F, S

12.2 Appendix-1 cactaceae

Doc. PC.10.12.2 E, S

13. Checklists and nomenclature

No document  

13.1 Checklist: progress report

Doc. PC.10.13.1 E, F, S

13.2 Nomenclature problems

Doc. PC.10.13.2 E, F, S

13.3 Taxus wallichiana

Doc. PC.10.13.3 E, F, S

14. Strategic planning

No document


14.1 Implementation of the CITES Strategic Vision - Actions directed to the Animals Committee

Doc. PC.10.14.1 E, F, S

14.2 Decisions directed to the Plants Committee


14.3 Establishment of priorities


15. Identification materials for plants

No document  

15.1 Progress report


16. CITES projects

No document  

16.1 Aloe vera var. vera (CITES Project S-93): progress report


17. Technical issues

No document  

17.1 Trade in seeds of Mexican cacti: update on implementation and explanatory document to be distributed


18. Training initiatives

No document  

18.1 Standard slide package: progress report

Doc. PC.10.18.1 E, F, S

18.2 Report on the III Master course on Management, conservation and control of species in international trade

No document  

19. Issues resulting from PC9, not included elsewhere in the Agenda


20. Time and venue of the 11th Plants Committee meeting


21. Any other business

No document  

21.1 Presentation by Germany of "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Adonis vernalis, a Medicinal Plant in International Trade"

No document


21.2 Relationship between ex-situ breeding operations and in-situ conservation programmes (Decision 11.xx)

Doc. AC.16.9.2 E, F, S


Document title



Species distribution mapping for the genus Galanthus

Inf. PC.10.1

Implementation of the CITES Appendix II listing of jatamansi Nardostachys grandiflora and kutki Picrorhiza kurrooa Inf. PC.10.2 E
CITES Carnivorous Plant Checklist Inf. PC.10.3 E