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Nomenclature Committee


Lima (Peru), 10 July 2006

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

  Agenda Document
1. Opening remarks No document
2. Agenda (fauna) NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 2 (Rev. 1)
3. UNEP-WCMC Checklist of CITES species


[Update by UNEP-WCMC on the 2005 edition]
No document
4. Update on issues following CoP13  
  4.1 Bird Nomenclature NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 4.1
  4.2 Chamaleo excurbitor No document
  4.3 Brachypelma Reference Update NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 4.3
5. Tortoises and Turtles Checklist NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 5
6. Amphibian reference update NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 6
7. List of standard references for animal species NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 7

Cordylus reference update

NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 8
9. Mammal reference NC2006 (fauna) Doc. 9
10. Databases No document
11. Potential sources of external funding No document
12. Any other business No document
13. Closing remarks No document