In-session documents - 28th meeting of the Animals Committee

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Twenty-eighth meeting of the Animals Committee

Tel Aviv (Israel), 30 August-3 September 2015

In-session documents


Documents as adopted by the working groups 

Document as amended by the AC (See ExSum.4) 

1. Extinct or possibly extinct species* (agenda item 8) AC28 Com. 1 AC28 Com. 1 (Rev. by Sec.)
2. Freshwater stingrays (agenda item 18) AC28 Com. 2 AC28 Com. 2 (Rev. by Sec.)
3. Periodic Review of species included in Appendices I and II* (agenda item 20) AC28 Com. 3 AC28 Com. 3 (Rev. by Sec.)
4. Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade* (agenda item 9.1) AC28 Com. 4 AC28 Com. 4 (Rev. by Sec.)
5. Captive-bred and ranched specimens (agenda item 13) AC28 Com. 5 AC28 Com. 5 (Rev. by Sec.)
6. Snake trade and conservation management (agenda item 14) AC28 Com. 6 AC28 Com. 6 (Rev. by Sec.)
7. Production systems for specimens of CITES-listed species* (agenda item 12) AC28 Com. 7 No changes
8. Review of Significant Trade of Appendix-II species (agenda items 9.3 and 9.4)  AC28 Com. 8 AC28 Com. 8 (Rev. by Sec.)
9. Conservation and management of sharks (agenda item 17) AC28 Com. 9 AC28 Com. 9 (Rev. by Sec.)
10. Standard nomenclature (agenda items 21.1 and 21.2) AC28 Com. 10 No changes

* This agenda item is addressed to the Animals and Plants Committees.