Twenty-sixth meeting of the Animals Committee

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Geneva (Switzerland), 15-20 March 2012 and Dublin (Ireland), 22-24 March 2012

In-session documents

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(Note: The recommendations in these reports may have been adopted with amendments.
You need to refer to the corresponding items in the executive summaries for the text adopted by the Committee.)

Title Document
AC26 working groups
1. Periodic review of animal species included in the CITES Appendices (agenda item 13)
2. Criteria for the inclusion of species in Appendices I and II (Decision 15.29) (agenda item 14)
3. Sturgeons and paddlefish (agenda item 15)
4. Implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.6 (Rev. CoP15) on Conservation and management of sharks (Class Chondrichthyes) (agenda item 16) and Draft proposal to include Lamna nasus in Appendix II (agenda item 26.2)
5. Snake trade and conservation management (Decision 15.76) (agenda item 17)
6. Tortoises and freshwater turtles (Decision 15.79) (agenda item 18)
7. Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species (agenda item 12)
8. Review of objections to the registration of operations that breed Appendix-I animal species in captivity for commercial purposes (agenda item 25)
9. Nomenclatural matters (agenda item 20)
10. Identification of CITES-listed corals in trade [Decision 15.64 b] – Report of the intersessional working group (agenda item 21)
AC26 drafting group
1. Sea cucumbers [Decision 14.100 (Rev. CoP15)] (agenda item 19)
AC26/PC20 working groups
1. Transport of live specimens (agenda item 11)
2. Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade (agenda item 7)
3. Non-detriment findings (agenda item 8)
AC26/PC20 drafting group
1. Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) (agenda item 5)
AC26/PC20 in-session documents
1. Capacity-building programme for science-based establishment and implementation of voluntary national export quotas for Appendix-II species (Decision 12.91) – Report of the joint working group (agenda item 9)
2. Revision of Resolution Conf. 14.8 on Periodic Review of the Appendices (agenda item 10)