AC22: Agenda and documents

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Twenty-second meeting of the Animals Committee

Lima (Peru), 7-13 July 2006

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

Agenda item



Opening of the meeting


Adoption of the Rules of Procedure


Current Rules of Procedure

AC22 Doc. 2.1

Proposed amendments

AC22 Doc. 2.2

Adoption of the agenda and working programme



AC22 Doc. 3.1 (Rev. 1)

Working programme

AC22 Doc. 3.2 (Rev. 1)

Admission of observers

AC22 Doc. 4

Regional reports



AC22 Doc. 5.1


AC22 Doc. 5.2 (Rev. 1)

Central and South America and the Caribbean

AC22 Doc. 5.3


AC22 Doc. 5.4

North America

AC22 Doc. 5.5


AC22 Doc. 5.6

Strategic Vision and Action Plan until 2013

AC22 Doc. 6

Review of the scientific committees

AC22 Doc. 7 (Rev. 1)

Regional communication


Review of the conditions under which members and alternate members perform their duties

AC22 Doc. 8.1

Manual for regional representatives

AC22 Doc. 8.2

Export quota working group

AC22 Doc. 9

Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species


Progress in the implementation of the species-based Review of Significant Trade – overview

AC22 Doc. 10.1
 10.2Species selected following CoP12AC22 Doc. 10.2
Annexes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 5b, 5c, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, 7, 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 8e, 8f , 8g
 10.3Species selected following CoP13AC22 Doc. 10.3
Annexes: 2, 3

Progress on the country-based Review of Significant Trade in Madagascar

AC22 Doc. 10.4

Periodic review of animal species included in the CITES Appendices


Selection of species for periodic review

AC22 Doc. 11.1
 11.2Periodic review of FelidaeAC22 Doc. 11.2
 11.3Periodic review of previously selected speciesAC22 Doc. 11.3

Production systems for specimens of CITES-listed species


Review of production systems

AC22 Doc. 12.1
 12.2Review of global crocodile ranching programmesAC22 Doc. 12.2

Synergy between CITES and CBD


Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines for the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

AC22 Doc. 13.1

Trade in alien invasive species

AC22 Doc. 14

Transport of live specimens


Review of Resolution Conf. 10.21 on Transport of live animals

AC22 Doc. 15.1
 15.2Recommendations regarding transport of live animals to supplement, where necessary, the IATA Live Animals RegulationsAC22 Doc. 15.2

Sea cucumbers

AC22 Doc. 16

Conservation and management of sharks


Report of the intersessional working group (Annex posted on 16 June 2006)

AC22 Doc. 17.1
 17.2Implementation of CITES shark listingsAC22 Doc. 17.2
 17.3Trade-related threats to sharksAC22 Doc. 17.3

Species affected by trade

AC22 Doc. 17.4

Conservation of and trade in great apes

AC22 Doc. 18

Fossil corals

AC22 Doc. 19
20.Evaluation of the implementation of the regional conservation strategy and monitoring regimes for stocks of Acipenseriformes species shared between different range States 

Advice and guidance on proposals to amend the Appendices


Use of annotations for plants in Appendix II and animals and plants in Appendix III

AC22 Doc. 21.1
 21.2Proposals to amend the Appendices for possible consideration at CoP14AC22 Doc. 21.2

Procedure for approval of externally funded projects

AC22 Doc. 22

Progress report from the Co-Chairman of the Nomenclature Committee

AC22 Doc. 23
24.Progress report on the Identification ManualAC22 Doc. 24
25.Preparation of the Chairman’s report to CoP14 
26.Time and venue of the 23rd meeting of the Animals Committee 
27.Any other businessAC22 Inf. 10
28.Closing remarks 

Information documents

AC22 Inf. 2English

Minutes of the technical workshop on the Conservation and management of sharks

AC22 Inf. 3English
4.Review of Significant Trade in Strombus gigas, CITES Secretariat,
May 2006
AC22 Inf. 4English
5.Development of fisheries management tools for trade in humphead wrasse, Cheilinus undulatus, in compliance with Article IV of CITESAC22 Inf. 5English
6.Recommendations for Regional CooperationAC22 Inf. 6English
7.Inclusion of Anguilla anguilla in Appendix II in accordance with Article II, paragraph 2 (a) (Draft of April 2006)AC22 Inf. 7English
8.Overview of coral products in trade and relevant Resolutions / Decisions for implementation of CITES provisions in EUAC22 Inf. 8English
9.Conservation genetics of basking sharks – Final project reportAC22 Inf. 9English
10.Informal discussion group concerning information on Acipenseriformes speciesAC22 Inf. 10English