AC17: Agenda and documents

Seventeenth meeting of the Animals Committee

Hanoi (Viet Nam), 30 July-3 August 2001

Agenda and documents

Agenda item

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1. Opening of the meeting

No document

2. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure

AC17 Doc. 2


3. Adoption of the Agenda and Working Programme

No document

    3.1 Agenda

AC17 Doc. 3.1 (Rev.1)


    3.2 Working Programme

AC17 Doc. 3.2


4. Admission of observers

AC17 Doc. 4

5. Regional Reports

No document

    5.1 Africa

AC17 Doc. 5.1


    5.2 Asia

AC17 Doc. 5.2


    5.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean


    5.4 Europe

AC17 Doc. 5.4


    5.5 North America

AC17 Doc. 5.5


    5.6 Oceania

AC17 Doc. 5.6


6. Report from Chairman

No document

    6.1 Liaison with the Standing Committee

AC17 Doc. 6.1


    6.2 Review of Resolution Conf. 9.24

No document

7. Implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) (Decision 11.106)

No document (see AC17 Inf. 1, Inf. 2)

    7.1 Progress on the implementation of Phase IV of the Review of Significant Trade

AC17 Doc. 7.1


    7.2 Review of the implementation of recommendations
        (Part I: List of species previously reviewed)

AC17 Doc. 7.2


    7.3 Progress on the review of species selected at AC16.

No document

    7.4 Revision of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) and Decisions 11.106-11.108

AC17 Doc. 7.4


    7.5 Proposal for the first country-based Significant Trade Review

AC17 Doc. 7.5


8. Periodic review of animal taxa in the Appendices (Resolution Conf. 11.1)

No document

    8.1 Evaluation of species selected at AC15 and AC16

AC17 Doc. 8.1


9. Registration and monitoring of animal species bred in captivity (Resolution Conf. 11.14 and Decision 11.101)

No document

10. Implementation of Resolution Conf. 10.21 on transport of live animals

No document

   10.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 10.1


11. Implementation of Resolution Conf. 11.16 regarding ranching operations

No document

    11.1 Annual reporting on crocodile ranching operations

AC17 Doc. 11.1(Rev.1)


12. Trade in hard corals

No document

    12.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 12.1


    12.2 Mariculture and propagation of coral – response to Notification No. 2001/010

AC17 Doc. 12.2


13. Implementation of Decision 11.165 on trade in traditional medicines

No document

    13.1 List of species traded for medicinal purposes

AC17 Doc. 13.1

AC17 Doc. 13.1.1


14. Control of captive breeding, ranching and wild harvest production systems for Appendix-II species

AC17 Doc. 14 (Rev.1)


15. Universal labelling of caviar

No document

    15.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 15.1


16. Trade in Tursiops truncatus ponticus (Decision 11.91)

No document

17. Trade in freshwater turtles and tortoises in Southeast Asia

No document

    17.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 17.1


18. Conservation of seahorses and other members of the family Syngnathidae (Decision 11.97)

No document

    18.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 18.1

19. Implementation of Decision 11.94 regarding the biological and trade status of sharks

No document

    19.1 Report of the Chairman

No document

20. Implementation of Decision 11.100 regarding trade in alien species

No document

    20.1 Report of the working group

AC17 Doc. 20.1


21. Any other business

No document


xx. Closing remarks

No document


Information Documents

Document title

Document No.


The Significant Trade Review process

AC17 Inf. 1


A Guide to the Review of Significant Trade

AC17 Inf. 2

3. History of species review under Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) AC17 Inf. 3
4. Notification to the Parties No. 2001/043 AC17 Inf. 4
5. List of animal species used in traditional medicine AC17 Inf. 5

Review of CITES Appendices based on Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev.)
Totoaba macdonaldi (Mexican seabass)

AC17 Inf. 6


An Overview of the Trade in live South-east Asian Freshwater Turtles

AC17 Inf. 7

8. International trade in live Testudinidae: Review of trade levels and trends over two decades AC17 Inf. 8
no electronic version
9. Universal labelling system for the identification of caviar AC17 Inf. 9
10. Intellectual property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore AC17 Inf. 10
11. Significant trade in specimens of Appendix-II species (SC45 Doc. 12.1) AC17 Inf. 11
12. Wild Fauna Management & Production Systems AC17 Inf. 12

Other Documents

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Significant Trade in Animals