Sixteenth meeting of the Animals Committee

Shepherdstown (United States of America), 11-15 December 2000

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

5.4 Europe5.5 North America5.6 Oceania6.1 Implementation of the CITES Strategic Vision6.2 Decisions directed to the Animals Committee6.3 Establishment of Animals Committee prioritiesNo document (see Inf. AC.16.1, 16.2)7.1 Progress on the implementation of Phase IV of the Significant Trade Review7.2 Acipenseriformes spp.7.3 Naja spp.7.4 Moschus spp.8.1 Evaluation of species selected at AC15 8.2 Selection of additional species for review9.1 Response to Notification No. 2000/0449.2 Relationship between ex-situ breeding operations and in-situ conservation programmes (Decision 11.xx)10.1 Report of the Transport Working Group12.1 Report of the Coral Working Group12.2 Mariculture and propagation of coral - application of Resolution Conf.10.16 to coralsDoc. AC.16.1314.1 Implementation of Decision 11.xx (=10.76) regarding trade in alien species14.2 Other initiatives regarding trade in alien species (CBD Decision V/8 and GISP)Doc. AC.16.16Doc. AC.16.17No document (seeInf. AC.16.13)Doc. AC.16.19No document20.1 Liaison with other organizationsDoc. AC.16.21
Doc. AC.16.5.4
Doc. AC.16.5.5
Doc. AC.16.5.6
Doc. AC.16.6.1
Doc. AC.16.6.2
Doc. AC.16.6.3
Doc. AC.16.7.1
Doc. AC.16.7.2
Annexes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Doc. AC.16.7.3
Doc. AC.16.7.4
Doc. AC.16.8.1
8.1.1 Addendum – Review of Probarus jullieniDoc. AC.
Doc. AC.16.9.1
Doc. AC.16.9.2
 Doc. AC.16.10.1
Doc. AC.16.12.1
Doc. AC.16.12.2
Doc. AC.16.14.1
Doc. AC.16.14.2
22. Any other businessNo document
23. Closing remarksNo document

Information documents

Document titleInf. AC.16.3Inf. AC.16.13
Document No.
14.Response to Notification No. 2000/044 from AustraliaInf. AC.16.14
15.Summary of the status of wild populations of species listed on CITES Appendix I and the difficulty of keeping or breeding specimens of these species in captivityInf. AC.16.15
16.Use of Coded-microchip Implants for Marking Live Animals in Trade in Accordance with Resolution Conf. 8.13 (Rev.)Inf. AC.16.16
17.Asian Turtle Trade: Executive summary of workshop proceedingsInf. AC.16.17*
18.Response to Notification No. 2000/044 from ChileInf. AC.16.18
(Spanish only)
19.IUCN/ELC briefing and recommendations on transboundary movement of biological samplesInf. AC.16.19
20.Response to Notification No. 2000/044 from ColumbiaInf. AC.16.20 *
21.Report on draft Resolution in document Doc. 11.45.1Inf. AC.16.21*
22.Comments on draft Resolution in document Doc. 11.45.1Inf. AC.16.22*
23.Comments on the international movement of CITES samplesInf. AC.16.23*

*This document only exists as a hard copy.