Thirty-second meeting of the Animals Committee

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 - 23 June 2023

Information documents

(All documents are provided here in PDF format)

Title Files Referenced agenda item Created / Updated
1. Gross direct exports of Appendix-II fauna species, 2017-2021 (submitted by the Secretariat)
2. Full trade data ouput for the review of trade in animal specimens reported as produced in captivity (submitted by the Secretariat)
3. A global analysis of the implementation of the inclusion in Appendix II of Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) (submitted by the Maldives)
14.2 & 37
4. Information submitted by Indonesia on trade in Macaca fascicularis (source code C and F) (submitted by Indonesia)
5. Draft road map for a review of CITES provisions related to trade in specimens of animals and plants not of wild source (submitted by the Secretariat)
6. Plants Committee recommendations adopted at PC26 (Geneva, 5-9 June 2023) / Recomendaciones del Comité de Flora adoptadas en la reunión PC26 / Recommandations du Comité pour les plantes adoptées à la PC26 (submitted by the Secretariat)
Joint items
7. Joint CITES-CMS African Carnivores Initiative (submitted by the Secretariat)
8. West African Vultures (Accipitridae spp) (submitted by the Secretariat)
9. CITES Big cats Task Force meeting / Reunion del grupo especial CITES sobre grandes felinos / Reunion de l'equipe speciale CITES sur le grands felins(submitted by the Secretariat)
10. Non-detriment finding for long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) in Indonesia (submitted by Indonesia)
11. Sharks and rays (Elasmobranchii spp.) (submitted by the Secretariat)