Thirty-second meeting of the Animals Committee

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 - 23 June 2023

Agenda and working documents

(All documents are provided here in PDF format)

*This agenda item is addressed to the Animals and Plants Committees.

X. Opening remarks of the Chair
X. Opening remarks of the Secretary-General
Administrative and financial matters
X. Confirmation of the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair
X. Declaration of conflict of interest
X. Rules of Procedure
X. Agenda
X. Working programme
X. Admission of observers
X. Emerging operational matters of the committees*
Strategic matters
X. Animals Committee strategic planning for 2023–2025 (CoP19–CoP20)
X.1. Resolutions and Decisions directed to the Animals Committee
X.2. Animals Committee workplan
X. CITES Strategic Vision*
X. Role of CITES in reducing risk of future zoonotic disease emergence associated with international wildlife trade*
X. Cooperation with the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
X. Joint CITES-CMS African Carnivores Initiative
X. IPBES Report on the Assessment of the Sustainable Use of Wild Species*
X. Capacity-building*
X. Country-wide Significant Trade Review*
X. Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species
X.1. Overview of the Review of Significant Trade
X.2. Selection of new species/country combinations for review following CoP19
X. Captive-bred and ranched specimens 
X.1. Review of trade in animal specimens reported as produced in captivity
X.2. Captive-breeding of spiny tailed lizards
Regulation of trade
X. Non-detriment findings*
X. Non-detriment findings for specimens of Appendix-II species taken from areas beyond national jurisdiction
X. Guidance on non-detriment findings for trade in leopard (Panthera pardus) hunting trophies
X. Materials for the identification of specimens of CITES-listed species *
X. Specimens produced through biotechnology*
X. Trade in stony corals
X. Definition of the term ‘appropriate and acceptable destinations’
Exemptions and special trade provisions
X. Review of CITES provisions related to trade in specimens of animals and plants not of wild source*
Species conservation and trade
X. Assessment of Appendix-I listed species*
X. Identifying species at risk of extinction affected by international trade*
X. Aquatic species listed in the Appendices
X. West African vultures (Accipitridae spp.)
X. Conservation of amphibians (Amphibia spp.)
X. Pangolins (Manis spp.)
X. African lions (Panthera leo)
X. Leopards (Panthera pardus) in Africa
X. Songbird trade and conservation management (Passeriformes spp.)
X. Saiga antelope (Saiga spp.)
Aquatic species
X. Eels (Anguilla spp.)
X. Sharks and rays
X. Seahorses (Hippocampus spp.)
X. Queen conch (Strombus gigas)
X. Marine ornamental fishes
X. Trade in medicinal and aromatic plant species*
Appendices of the Convention
X. Periodic review of species included in Appendices I and II*
X. Annotations*
X. Informal review mechanism of existing and proposed annotations*
Nomenclature matters
X. Joint report of the specialists on botanical and zoological nomenclature
X.1. Nomenclature of Appendix-III listings*
X.2. Higher taxon listings in the Appendices*
X.3. Development of a standardized global checklist of species*
Nomenclature matters/Fauna
X. Report of the specialist on zoological nomenclature
X.1. Taxonomy and nomenclature of African elephants (Loxodonta spp.)
X.2. Nomenclature for Bird family and order names
X.3. Use of time-specific versions of online-databases as standard nomenclature references
Regional matters
X. Regional reports
X.1. Africa
X.2. Asia
X.3. Central and South America and the Caribbean
X.4. Europe
X.5. North America
X.6. Oceania
Conclusion of the meeting
X. Any other business
X. Time and venue of the 33th meeting of the Animals Committee
X. Closing remarks