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Regional meeting for Pacific/Oceania in preparation for CITES CoP17 started in Apia, Samoa. Read more

Regional meeting for Africa in preparation for CITES CoP17 started in Addis Ababa. Read more

First of the 4 regional meetings in preparation for CITES CoP17 started in Bangkok. Read more

CITES Secretary-General's welcoming remarks for regional preparatory meetings for CITES CoP17 and CBD COP13

CITES Secretary-General's message for World Ranger Day 2016.

CITES to provide targeted support for critical wildlife areas in Africa. See more

One month left to register to attend CITES CoP17 - the World Wildlife Conference!

100 days left before CITES #CoP17 – kicks off in South Africa! Read more.

UN targets wildlife crime in the lead up to CITES CoP17. See more

See amendment proposals submitted for consideration at CoP17.

Countdown to CITES CoP17, Johannesburg, South Africa

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