CITES at work

500 experts meet to review sustainable trade in wild animals and plants before the next World Wildlife Conference. See more

Global experts meet to review international trade in wildlife before the next major CITES conference. See more

CITES Animals Committee 30th meeting: Meet the chairs from CITES AC1 to AC30

CITES contributes to the largest gathering of InforMEA. See more

Month-long trans-continental operation hit wildlife criminals hard. See more

CITES holds first workshop on the legal acquisition of wildlife in 43 years. See more

CITES CoP18 preparations taking shape in Sri Lanka. See more

CITES-led training workshop for Central Asia leads to concrete outcomes. See more

CITES congratulates Convention on Biological Diversity for 25 years of action for biodiversity. See more.

CITES calendar

  • 24 September 2018:

    Deadline for the registration of Party observers wishing to attend the 70th meeting of the Standing Committee

  • 01-05 October 2018:

    70th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee, Sochi, Russia. More >>>> information

  • 05-08 November 2018:

    1st Meeting of Range States for the Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative, 5 - 8 November 2018, Bonn, Germany.

  • 17-29 November 2018:
    Fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.
  • 24 December 2018:

    Deadline for submission of working documents, including proposals to amend the Appendices, for consideration at CoP18.


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