Resources for implementation: Sustainability

Parties must Determine that proposed trade will not be detrimental to the survival of the species, through scientific assessments of the status of the species in the national/regional territory (called ‘non-detriment findings’ or ‘NDFs’ in CITES).

  • CITES-FAO PowerPoint presentation on Non-detriment findings
  • Training materials on non-detriment findings in the CITES Virtual College
  • Examples of NDFs for marine species (from document AC26/PC20 Doc. 8.4)

Examples of NDFs for marine species

Taxa Country Doc (Annexes) Summary
Arapaima Brazil WG8-CS1 WG8-CS1-S
Anguilla anguilla (European eel) Sweden WG8-CS2 (Annex) WG8-CS2-S
Cheilinus undulates (Napoleon fish) Indonesia WG8-CS3 WG8-CS3-S
Hippocampus spp (Seahorses) --- WG8-CS4 WG8-CS4-S
Sturgeons --- WG8-CS5 (Annex) WG8-CS5-S
Black coral (Anthipatharia) Hawaii WG9-CS1 (Annex) WG9-CS1-S
Tridacnidae (Giant clams) Palau WG9-CS2 WG9-CS2-S
Strombus gigas (Queen conch) Colombia WG9-CS3 (Annex) WG9-CS3-S
Queensland coral fishery Australia WG9-CS4 (Annex) WG9-CS4-S
Stony corals (Scleractinia) Indonesia WG9-CS5 (Annex) WG9-CS5-S


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