Pastorala Rumenaćki put 17 NOVI SAD
Date of establishment: Thursday, January 1, 1998
Date of CITES registration: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Species bred:

– Falco peregrinus
– hybrids F. rusticolus x F. peregrinus

– hybrids F. rusticolus x F. cherrug

Origin of stock:
Captive-bred in Serbia: – Falco peregrinus: 7M & 9F – Falco rusticolus: 2M & 1F – F. rusticolus x F. cherrug: 3F – F. rusticolus x F. peregrinus: 2F – F. rusticolus x F. cherrug x F. rusticolus: 2M & 2F
Marking of specimens:
Closed ring with an alphanumerical code specific to each bird. For specimens born from 2008, the code will follow the model "RS NS 2008 01", where: "RS" stands for "Republic of Serbia"; "NS" stands for "Novi Sad"; "2008" (and so forth) indicates the hatching year; and "01" (and so forth) is an individual number allocated to each bird