PC19: Agenda and documents

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Nineteenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 18-21 April 2011

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

Agenda item

Document No.

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1.Opening of the meetingNo document 
2.Election of the ChairNo document 
3.Rules of ProcedurePC19 Doc. 322/11/2010
4.Adoption of the agenda and working programme  
 4.1Agenda (provisional)PC19 Doc. 4.1 (Rev. 1)28/02/2011
 4.2 Working programme
(Rev. 1: Modification to Monday – registration starts at 9:00)
(Rev. 2: Modifications to Wednesday and Thursday)
PC19 Doc. 4.2 (Rev. 2)25/02/2011
5.Admission of observersPC19 Doc. 512/04/2011
6.Regional reports  
 6.1 AfricaPC19 Doc. 6.121/04/2011 
 6.2 Asia (Modification to point 4.4)PC19 Doc. 6.2 (Rev. 1)28/02/2011
 6.3 Central and South America and the CaribbeanPC19 Doc. 6.3 (Rev. 1)06/04/2011 
  Annex 1: Directorio Regional de Expertos en Plantas (Spanish only, 16 p.)PC19 Doc. 6.3 (Rev. 1) Annex 106/04/2011
  Annex 2: Informe Regional Completo (Spanish only, 26 p.)PC19 Doc. 6.3 (Rev. 1) Annex 206/04/2011
 6.4 EuropePC19 Doc. 6.421/02/2011
  Annex 2: Directory of the European region – PlantsPC19 Doc. 6.4 Annex 226/02/2011
 6.5 North AmericaPC19 Doc. 6.528/02/2011
 6.6 OceaniaPC19 Doc. 6.613/04/2011 
7.Strategic planning  
 7.1 Resolutions and Decisions directed to the Plants CommitteePC19 Doc. 7.121/09/2010
 7.2 Establishment of the Plants Committee work-planPC19 Doc. 7.207/02/2011
8.Cooperation with advisory bodies of other biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements*  
 8.1Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (Decision 15.11)*No document 
 8.2 Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) (Decision 15.12)*
(Modification to the Annex)
PC19 Doc. 8.2 (Rev. 1)11/02/2011
 8.3 Climate change  
  8.3.1Climate change (Decision 15.15)* (Modification to document number)PC19 Doc. 8.3.104/02/2011
   Annex 1  PC19 Doc. 8.3.1 Annex 102/03/2011
  8.3.2 Proposed Terms of Reference for technical committee discussions on climate changePC19 Doc. 8.3.2 25/02/2011
 8.4 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Decision 15.19)PC19 Doc. 8.421/02/2011
9.Capacity-building programme for science-based establishment and implementation of voluntary national export quotas for Appendix-II species (Decision 12.91) Secretariat report*PC19 Doc. 914/02/2011
10.Non-detriment findings  
 10.1Implementation of Decision 15.23 on Non-detriment findings, and overview and links with Decisions 15.24, 15.26 and 15.27*PC19 Doc. 10.1 07/02/2011
 10.2Progress reports from Parties (Decision 15.23)*
(More information received from the countries, see the Annex)
PC19 Doc. 10.2 (Rev. 1)24/02/2011
  Annex: (English and Spanish only) (3.3MB)PC19 Doc. 10.2 (Rev. 1) Annex16/03/2011
 10.3Proposal for the implementation of Decision 15.24*PC19 Doc. 10.315/02/2011
 10.4Timber species, medicinal plants and agarwood-producing species (Decisions 15.26 and 15.27) – Progress reportNo document 
 10.5Addressing the challenges of making non-detriment findings for geophytesPC19 Doc. 10.5 22/02/2011
 11.1Overview [Decisions 15.31, 15.34, 14.133, 14.134 (Rev. CoP15), 14.149, 15.35 and 14.148 (Rev. CoP15)]PC19 Doc. 11.125/02/2011
 11.2Preparation of clarification and guidance on the meaning of "packaged and ready for retail trade" and other terms used in the annotationsPC19 Doc. 11.221/02/2011

Cactaceae and Orchidaceae: review of annotations (Decision 15.34)
(Modification to para. 2 where the text of the decision was in French)

PC19 Doc. 11.325/02/2011
 11.4Orchids: annotations for species included in Appendix II [Decisions 14.133 and 14.134 (Rev. CoP15)] PC19 Doc. 11.415/02/2011
 11.5Tree species: annotations for species included in Appendices II and III [Decision 14.149, 15.35 and 14.148 (Rev.CoP15)]PC19 Doc. 11.525/02/2011
 11.6Development and application of annotations to the listings of plant taxa in the AppendicesPC19 Doc. 11.625/02/2011
12.Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species  
 12.1Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade [Decision 13.67 (Rev. CoP14)]PC19 Doc. 12.117/02/2011
 12.2Overview of the species-based Review of Significant TradePC19 Doc. 12.216/09/2010
 12.3Species selected following CoP14PC19 Doc. 12.311/01/2011
  Review of Significant Trade: Species selected by the CITES Plants Committee
following CoP14 – CITES Project No. S-346
PC19 Doc. 12.3
Annex 3
 12.4Selection of species for trade reviews following CoP15PC19 Doc. 12.428/01/2011
13.Periodic review of plant species included in the CITES Appendices  
 13.1Overview of species under review (Modification to Annex 3, item 6)PC19 Doc. 13.1 (Rev. 1)16/03/2011
 13.2Selection of species for review following CoP15PC19 Doc. 13.216/03/2011 
 13.3Update on range-wide review of SclerocactusPC19 Doc. 13.325/02/2011
14. Amendments to the Appendices  
 14.1Assessment of trade in epiphytic cacti and review of listing
of Cactaceae spp. in Appendix II (Decision 15.89]
PC19 Doc. 14.117/03/2011
 14.2Euphorbia spp. [Decision 14.131 (Rev. CoP15)]
[Modifications to paragraphs 4, 5 and 11a)]
PC19 Doc. 14.2 (Rev. 1)17/03/2011
 14.3Madagascar (Decision 15.97)PC19 Doc. 14.318/02/2011
15. Transport of live specimens (Decision 15.59)*PC19 Doc. 1517/02/2011
16. Timber issues  
 16.1Progress report of the Working Group on the Bigleaf Mahogany and Other Neotropical Timber Species [Decisions 15.91, 15.92 and 14.146 (Rev. CoP15)]PC19 Doc. 16.1 (Rev. 1)12/04/2011
  Annex 2: Matriz de planificación del Plan de Acción del GTC para la PC19 (Fase I)
(Spanish only)
Annex 2 (pdf)12/04/2011
Annex 2 (Excel)
  Annex 3: Resultados del Plan de Acción para Cedrela odorata, Dalbergia retusa, Dalbergia granadillo y Dalbergia stevensonii
(Spanish only)
Annex 3 (pdf)12/04/2011
Annex 3 (Excel)
 16.2Progress report on the joint CITES-ITTO timber programmePC19 Doc. 16.215/02/2011
 16.3Agarwood producing taxa (Decision 15.94)PC19 Doc. 16.311/01/2011
 16.4Aniba rosaeodora (Decision 15.90)PC19 Doc. 16.417/03/2011
 16.5Bulnesia sarmientoi (Decision 15.96)PC19 Doc. 16.5
(Rev. 1)
17. Production systems for specimens of CITES-listed species*No document 
18. Nomenclatural matters – Overview (Modification to document number)PC19 Doc. 1818/02/2011
19. Progress report on the Identification ManualPC19 Doc. 19 24/01/2011
20. Time and venue of the 20th meeting of the Plants CommitteeNo document 
21. Any other businessNo document 
22. Closing remarksNo document 

*     This agenda item will also be discussed during the 25th meeting of the Animals Committee.


Information documents

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1.Outputs, experiences and lessons learnt from the 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership
(submited by the Secretariat) – 6.1MB
PC19 Inf. 18.1English04/02/2011
2.Net Exports of Appendix II plants, 2004-2009 – raw data
(submited by the Secretariat)
PC19 Inf. 212.4English03/03/2011
3.Evaluación de la distribución potencial actual en Colombia del cedro (Cedrela odorata) y el cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), especies incluidas en apéndices CITES y recomendaciones para el manejo in situ de sus poblaciones
(CITES project No. S-342)
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 2MB
PC19 Inf. 316.1Spanish03/03/2011
4.Cedrela odorata & Dalbergia retusaEstado poblacional y comercio en Costa Rica
(CITES project No. S-336)
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 13MB
PC19 Inf. 416.1Spanish03/03/2011
5.Inventario nacional de caoba, cedro y rosul como una herramienta para fortalecer el manejo sustentable y la comercialización de estas especies
(CITES project No. S-340)
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 4.1MB
PC19 Inf. 516.1Spanish03/03/2011
6.A CITES Action Plan for Cedrela odorata – an assessment of the status of Cedrela odorata in Suriname (CITES project No. S-337)
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 1.6MB
PC19 Inf. 616.1English03/03/2011
7.A Review of the Status of Saussurea costus (Fale.) Lipsch. in India and the Impact of its listing in CITES Appendix I
(CITES project No. S-338)
(submitted by the Secretariat)
PC19 Inf. 713.1English03/03/2011
8.ITTO – CITES Program for implementing CITES listings of tropical timber species – Newsletter
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 3.4MB
PC19 Inf. 816.2English03/03/2011
9.IFRA Position on CITES rules for Guaiacwood and Rosewood
[submitted by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)]
PC19 Inf. 916.5 & 16.5English03/03/2011
10.Lessons learnt for non-detriment findings from CITES Secretariat commissioned projects
(CITES project No. S-310)
(submitted by the Secretariat)
PC19 Inf. 1010.3English03/03/2011
11.Capacity Building Workshop on "Non determent Findings and Review of Significant Trade of Plant Species"
(submitted by Nepal) (Expanded version)
PC19 Inf. 11
(Rev. 1)
9 & 10.4English03/03/2011
12.Preliminary Report on Sustainable Harvesting of Prunus africana (Rosaceae) in the North West Region of Cameroon
(submitted by the Secretariat) – 4.4MB
PC19 Inf. 12English & French08/03/2011
13.Periodic Review of the Appendices (submitted by the Secretariat)PC19 Inf. 1313.1English31/03/2011
14.Trade in Agavaceae native to Mexico and the United States of AmericaPC19 Inf. 14English12/04/2011
15.Revisión periódica de Agave victoriae-reginae (Maguey noa)
(submitted by Mexico)
PC19 Inf. 1513.1Spanish12/04/2011